The Vert Pull

The Vert Pull


"The Vert Pull Deadlift Trainer" is Brandon Allen's solution to the inconvenient setup of Russian box deadlifts, which were introduced to powerlifting by Mikhail Koklyaev.  Many top level coaches have their athletes use box deadlifts in order to teach hamstring and glute engagement as the primary movers of the conventional deadlift.  Unfortunately, the box doesn't allow you to get your heels far enough back to have vertical shins. In place, a bench has been used, which then needs to be weighed down by several 100-pound dumbbells, but still always seems to move.


A solution was a device that used the lifter's own body weight to stabilize the piece that's having pressure applied onto it. Not only does "The Vert Pull" not require any extra weight, it is also adjustable in height, to be pressed on the mid calf of any sized lifter. "The Vert Pull" is a very small and compact piece, which can be utilized by all lifters.


Order yours now and set yourself up with a world record pull using "The Vert Pull"!!!

Proudly Made in the USA


**This product is not eligible for returns or refunds.

Patent Pending

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